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WSEGL information


Hello, I'm looking for information on WSEGL. The only useful information available seems to be the wsegl.h file and the Qt plugin. In particular I'm wondering if and how overlapping (OpenGL) contexts are handled. I'm also wondering if it allows the plugin to render to a FBO/PBO in another process (aka. the windowing server), but I kind of doubt that...

I wonder if the X11 plugin is open source because otherwise it could limit you to a specific version (and I couldn't use it as a reference Wink).


Probably best to ask the Qt guys.



Few days back I have been told on Qt mailing list that X11WSEGL plugin driver, which ships with BeagleBoard Graphics SDK, doesn’t support GL rendering to be redirected to offscreeen pixmaps. So I won’t be able to draw semi-transparent Qt-OpenGL widgets(QGLWidgets) on my BeagleBoard.

Is there any roadmap to implement/update X11WSEGL plugin, for BeagleBoard, to support rendering GL to a redirected window? Sorry if SDK is already been updated, I have not moved to latest graphics SDK yet.

Thanks for your concern.

Amit Pundir