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Allocated strided buffer


Hi All,
Can anyone give me any insight on this warning

PVR:(Warning): StartFrame: Allocated strided buffer for 32x1 render [726, /sgxif.c]

I am trying to render to an offscreen buffer 32*1 and get this warning. I did try resizing the buffer but it still gives the same warning. GPU = SGX 544.

Thanks in Advance for your help



Has anyone any ideas on this ? Any suggestions appreciated.


Hi John,

If you render to a surface that is less than 1/2 of the GPUs tile size in either dimension, the driver has to allocate a strided surface for the render and then copy from the the strided buffer to the non-strided buffer at the end of each render. This shouldn’t have a significant impact on your performance. Depending on your bottlenecks though, you may see a performance gain by increasing the FBO attachment dimensions to match the GPUs requirements, e.g. 32x8 or 32x16 depending on the GPU you are targeting.

As a rule of thumb, we would recommend allocating a small number of large textures that you render many objects into rather than rendering to many small textures.


Perfect - Thanks for the reply Joe.