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The PVR tile engine freaking out?



I’m currently doing quite advanced shader stuff on my iPad2 and so far everything has been working fine, but all of a sudden when adding a bit more complexity I’m starting to get really strange frame buffer artifacts. I’ve been unable to screen capture them though but I might be able to take a photograph later this week. It seems like I’ve hit some performance / bandwidth limit that isn’t handled gracefully.

What I’m seeing is that parts of the frame buffer suddenly drops out in tiles (that’s why I suspect the gfx hardware actually). Sometimes it just render some background in a tile but then skips the foreground. Some places aren’t updated at all and shows remains from a previous frame etc.

Any ideas what might cause this? And how I can avoid it?


I have been able to capture some screens now. To whom may I email them?


Hi JackAsser,

send them to please.



Hi Marco!

Thanks, sent!