Allwinner A31

Dear all,

We are developing with Android a video content analysis system on a Humming Bird board from Merrii which uses an A31 Allwinner A31 (Power VR SGX544MP2). Our main interest at the moment is to take advantage of Open CL 1.x which is supported from GPU.

The problem at the moment is that the vendor does not provide the driver for OpenCL.

Anybody knows where can I get the OpenCL driver to work with SoC Allwinner A31?

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Unfortunately, we cannot directly support graphics drivers for our customers’ platforms. We deliver the source code of our reference driver to customers. It’s then their responsibility to integrate the driver with their platforms and distribute binaries to their customers. In this case, AllWinner are responsible for deciding which APIs will be supported by their SoC. If they are not planning to expose OpenCL on your device, you will have to rely on OpenGL ES to utilise the GPU.