OpenCL driver for PowerVR SGX544 used by OpenCV 3.0.0

Hi, all
I want to use OpenCL to accelerate my OpenCV android programm in Allwinner A83T. I download the SDKPackage_OCL_OGLES2 and found a, but when load the, there is a exception “E/AndroidRuntime( 9708): java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: dlopen failed: cannot locate symbol “PVRSRVDebugAssertFail” referenced by “”…”. It likes the in my device has no function called “PVRSRVDebugAssertFail”, maybe these functions have been removed in released version.
I search the internet and download another, this time everything is OK, but when used in OpenCV runtime, these are error messages
"E/IMGSRV (28006): :0: Failed to load library
E/IMGSRV (28006): :0: Failed to load OCL compiler module."
So where is the ? Should I ask for it from Allwinner ?

Unfortunately, we cannot directly supply graphics drivers for our customers’ platforms. We deliver the source code of our reference driver to customers. It’s then their responsibility to integrate the driver with their platforms and distribute binaries to their customers. I would recommend contacting AllWinner to see if suitable binaries are available for your target.