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Android app crashing and getting rejected while reviewed in samsung store



We are having EXTREME difficulty in getting our app approved in the samsung store which is built on top of your PVR SDK.

We made a game using the PVR SDK. The app was tested on real devices at our end and its working perfectly fine. The app is getting rejected in the samsung store for the same devices as they say its crashing even before the app is launched. This is somewhat similar to the issue discussed here

Here is the link to the same app currently made available on google play store. Make sure the app version is 1.0.3

adventurous Maze

I am emailed the report from the samsung store to

This is the defect thats mentioned in the report.

New Tablet Galaxy(WSVGA),Premium Galaxy (HD),Premium Galaxy (WVGA) 1 10476662 Functional Test [Function] Failed to run application [Defect]

The application has failed to run. Please check the failure log.

[Test Procedure]

Run application.

[Expected Result]

The application must run properly without causing any errors. - LaunchPackage.log

If you see LaunchPackage.log, you will observe that the crash is happening quite early even before InitView is called.





well done for your first deployment on google play.

About samsung , did you have a chance to test it on ??

before ?

Kind regards



Hi Madan,

From the log you’ve sent us, we can’t determine the cause of the crash. Have you confirmed that it is caused by our SDK tools? Have you tried to debug the emulator to isolate the cause?




Hi Joe

There is no emulator used. And as for the sdk question, I am also quite unsure how to isolate the issue.

Hi dgu

We tested the app in the rtl phones for the same list samsung says it does not work and it works fine.

Overall we feel quite helpless in this issue.

Also we are building an extensive RTS game using PVR sdk as base and worried we will hit the same hard wall with samsung store in the coming future.


Hi Madan,

Apologies - I’d assumed the devices mentioned above were emulators rather than actual hardware.

Do you know the specific model numbers of the devices that were tested? Are they all PowerVR based, or is a mixture of PowerVR and non-PowerVR test platforms? Have you been able to reproduce the issue on any of your own hardware?

This is the first report we’ve had like this - many games have shipped through a variety of stores using the SDK’s shell and tools. For this reason, I don’t expect there to be anything fundamentally wrong with the SDK.

Without more information, there isn’t much we can do to help. I’d recommend adding your own debug logging so you can narrow down the point in your application’s execution where the crash occurs.




it cannot be pfx tools implementation that is sure

#7 is for testing on real hardware


Hi Joe,

It is possible that JNI version and support might be an issue. The crash seems to be apparent during the .so loading stage.

Unfortunately there is no way to test as we are unable to replicate it.

As this is not a PVR SDK related issue I will close this. Thanks.

Hi Dgu

thanks for the reference. As said, we have run using that facility on few devices and its working.


i just added you a 5 stars on the store for your game and because you use PVRSDK :slight_smile: