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Android compilation problem



I have some trouble building training courses with android SDK openGL ES 1.1 and linux.
The first is ok but when I build training courses including PVRShell, I have an error from javac when compiling
package android.view does not exist…The error occurs on each import of an android class (95 errors…)
Maybe my installation of java jdk is not good…
If someone have solved this problem before or could help me…

Thanking you in advance,




martinrabier wrote:

package android.view does not exist...The error occurs on each import of an android class (95 errors...)


Is it just complaining about the android.view package missing or are there others? If there are others have you added the Android platforms and other components to your Android SDK as mentioned on






I forgot to add that if you have added the Android platforms you may need to set the ANDROID_SDK_PLATFORM variable to point to the platform you would like to use.


You are a god for me Scott!!
I didn’t declare ANDROID_SDK_PLATFORM !!!
I hope I will done some work by myself now!!


The apk is built bu when I strt the application in the android simulator, it "freeze" on a blue screen
I'm testing Multi-texturing sample..
So the background is drawn but the boxes not...
Have I to add some files to make it working?

Is simulator able to draw it?

martinrabier2010-08-05 18:15:27


It seems when using the emulator you need to add a call to glViewport otherwise you don’t see anything besides the clear colour.


It is working thank you!!

Last question: is there an example of skinning  with android? is Android compatible with “Matrix palette” skinning?