Antialiasing. Accumulation Buffers.

Hi, I am new to OpenGL so please bear with me.


I am looking for a way to antialias a "model" against the background in OpenGL ES 1.0. I believe that OpenGL 2.0 has an option for polygon antialias but not 1.0. It can only antialias lines and points. Correct?

I am also reading about Antialias using accumulation buffers. Can this method be used on OpenGL ES 1.0? Does the PVR SDK provide a way of doing scene antialising with accumulation buffers or any other way? Am I correct that none of the current examples in the SDK have antialias ?


Note. I realize that Antialias is processor intensive or memory intensive, in the case of using buffers, but our project only needs to display one model, but as high quality as possible so antialias is a must.


Thanks in advance.

There is a training course in our OpenGL ES 1.x SDK which demonstrates rendering of antialiased lines.

You can also enable multisampling, a more flexible form of antialiasing, via EGL by choosing the right EGLConfig (with EGL_SAMPLE_BUFFERS = 1 and EGL_SAMPLES > 1). Whether that is supported depends on the platform, though. In all our SDK examples using PVRShell this can be enabled with the command line option “-aa=X” where X is either 1 or 2 for 2x or 4x multisampling, respectively.

Thank you Georg, this is good info.


I will need to figure out if multisampling is supported on the iPhone.


About the lines. Line antialiasing helps with lines but it will not make a difference with models/polygons correct? I saw the line antialising example, but I then assumed that that would not apply to my need.