Blender POD texture coordinates export errors

Hi guys,

Strangely, since i moved to PowerVR SDK 3.5 (i was using 3.4) i can’t export “right” texture coordinates the “u” texture coordinates is always 0 for each vertices (flip “u” coordinates doesn’t solve the problem)…
I’ve tried Blender 2.64 and 2.76.

Can anyone help me to understand why my toolchain generate bad 0 u texture coordinate .pod files?

Than you in advance!

Hi Sami,

The PVRGeoPOD dialog enables you to swizzle channels of all exported data. Can you check that you haven’t accidentally modified the channel mappings? A simple way to test this would be to use the “Default config” Configuration in the left-hand widget.


Hi Joe,

I thought that all channels was right but I restore to default config and it’s work now.
Thank you for your support,

Best regards,