How to load texture in POD file?


   I draw cube by using blender.

I can generate DAE file by using blender.

then I transform DAE file into POD file by using POD tool.


I use a picture which was 2048x2048 pixels.

I take the picture as material.

There are 6 piece of textures in the picture.


I would like to paste the specific texture on the specific plane on the cube when I use in the POD file.

I can not load texture correctly.

It seem that texture coordinates is not correctly.

Then I can't paste the specific texture on the specific plane on the cube when using POD file.

I only see a cube on the screen,but the texture is not correct.


By the way,I run this program base on OpenGL ES 2.0 and PVRTool.


Do you have any idea about this question?



I’m not sure at which stage this is breaking from your post, but I’d suggest the following:

The texture coordinates need to be set up correctly in Blender through a process known as UV-mapping. I’m no Blender expert, but I found these tutorials helpful when I was learning this:

Once that is correct then export with PVRGeoPOD or convert from Collada using Collada2POD making sure that UVs and materials are exported as well geometry positions. Open the model in PVRShaman. If it looks wrong here then post again and we’ll try and work out if there’s an exporter issue.

If it looks fine in PVRShaman then there is a problem with your OpenGL ES 2.0 code - which demo are you using as a starting point? The IntroducingPOD training course might be a good place to start, but bear in mind that it is designed to display the particular POD bundled with the demo and won’t necessarily work with another file.

Hi Gordon,

    Thank for your suggestion.

The issue is be solved.

According to your usggestion, I select "Use UV Image Mats" when exporting Blender file to COLLADA 1.4(*.dae).

Then we can generate dae file.

Then, we can generate POD file by using POD tool.

Finally, whe POD file can be shown on the screen, and the each plane has the correct texture.


Thank for your fully support.