Blue screen in Android samples

Dear All,

I would like to ask about how to build app using pvr rdk. For example, if I want to build some ex. from training course, I do:

build example using make -> I’ll get as output and

pvrshell.jar -> I attach this libs to my project and just copy java

code from some training example

package com.example;


import com.powervr.PVRShell.PVRShell;


public class Test extends PVRShell


    @Override protected void initialise()


        // Initialise the shell



        // Set the app name

        SetString(prefAppName, this.getString(R.string.app_name));



build app and install it on emulator (I don’t try to test it on real device yet).

And the only I get is blue screen of background, no any other stuff :frowning:

So maybe I do something wrong or there are some troubles with emulator&pvr sdk or something else ?

Thx for any help