powervr sdk examples on linux

when I build the powervr examples on linux I got this error

/opt/Imagination/PowerVR/GraphicsSDK/SDK_3.3/Shell/PVRShell.cpp:17:24: erreur fatale: PVRShellOS.h : Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type

compilation terminée.

make: *** […/Linux_x86_32/ReleaseNullWS/PVRShell.o] Erreur 1

any idea?

tu n as pas inclue le chemin d’acces au shell :slight_smile:


hope it help



I add the pathname of the shell but the error still exist

export PATH=/opt/Imagination/PowerVR/GraphicsSDK/SDK_3.3/Shell/OS/LinuxX11:$PATH


did you have look to the make file ?

everything is there.

Add all source file names to be included in lib separated by a whitespace

one include to the shell directory


one to KEGL


one you already set apparently

Shell/OS/Android/PVRShellOS.cpp <

here of course you put your path refering LinuxX11

that is all


when I copy PvrshellOS.h in the directory shell , i got anodher error

/opt/Imagination/PowerVR/GraphicsSDK/SDK_3.3/Shell/PVRShellImpl.h:159:1: erreur: expected class-name before ‘{’ token

make: *** […/Linux_x86_32/ReleaseNullWS/PVRShell.o] Erreur 1

is this a probleme from my choice of toolchain?

can you give me a link of toolchain that I can use for this sdk

why do you copy it ?

when I add the path of PVRShellOS.h to makefile , it dosn’t work . maybe I add it not correctly

and when I see the file PVRShell , I see "#include “PVRShellOS.h” so I copy it to the same directery and the error was

/opt/Imagination/PowerVR/GraphicsSDK/SDK_3.3/Shell/PVRShellImpl.h:159:1: erreur: expected class-name before ‘{’ token

make: *** […/Linux_x86_32/ReleaseNullWS/PVRShell.o] Erreur 1


the exact list that you need if you copy the shell directory in your project are :








as you see as well OS name is plateform specific…i am sure you get it already

voila ,



the error still exist

In file included from /opt/Imagination/PowerVR/GraphicsSDK/SDK_3.3/Shell/PVRShell.cpp:18:0:

/opt/Imagination/PowerVR/GraphicsSDK/SDK_3.3/Shell/PVRShellImpl.h:159:1: erreur: expected class-name before ‘{’ token

make: *** […/Linux_x86_32/ReleaseNullWS/PVRShell.o] Erreur 1


Hi Aicha,

If you copy the entire PVRShell directory to your project folder, does it build? It looks like you’re missing a header dependency.



I can give you a project up and running set properly but using codelite on Linux if you want ?

codelite is not free and I dont have a card to purchase it

Hi Aicha,

Returning to the original question - are you unable to build using the Makefiles packaged in the SDK, or are you using Makefiles you’ve written/generated yourself? If you are using the SDK’s defualt Makefiles, have you altered the SDK’s directory structure before building?

Have you read the SDK User Guide for your target, e.g. “SDK_3.3SDKUserGuideOpenGL ES 2.0 for LinuxX86PCEmulation.html”?

http://codelite.org/ read what is writen on the page

No thanks, just take me to the download page »

codelite is super free and Joe mention is very right


but sure you can encourage the developer who is super friendly and offer a super IDE, free to you

I’m successfully building and running sdk example on my desktop ubuntu 12.04 with Cris 'help

just I execute this command "make PLATFORM=Linux_x86_32 X11BUILD=1 X11ROOT=/usr"

and I change the profile of PVRVframe to pandaboard