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bug in PVRTTexture.h?


I’m including the header PVRTTexture.h for purposes of building a cross platform PVR texture loader. Unfortunately the following code in the operator= method of the MetaDataBlock struct won’t compile because the data type PVRTuint is not defined. I believe this should be “PVRTuint32” instead of “PVRTuint:32”, as when I make this change it compiles.

for (PVRTuint:32 uiDataAmt=0; uiDataAmt<u32DataSize; ++uiDataAmt)





Hi Deep,

Yes it should be a PVRTuint32, though I’m not sure where you’ve had that error from, as both our current 3.0 and our next 3.1 release have it set at the correct type. Which version of the SDK are you using?




The installer is PowerVRSDKSetup-3.0r2, which appears to be what is available from your website still. I’m happy to upgrade to 3.1 if you can point me to it.


Hi Deep,

3.1 isn’t available yet, but will be available on the website as soon as it’s ready. I’m not sure how that bug slipped in though - it shouldn’t be present in the 3.0r2 release - all our code is built and must build before we ship it. Either way, the bug is certainly no longer present in our code so shouldn’t pose a problem in future.