Loading a simple PVR image

Dear Team

my code from the previous sdk work and always had been working since i updated the NEW sdk without changing my code i have :

03-26 11:34:18.290: E/PVRTools(7316): PVRTTextureLoadFromPointer failed: glTexImage2D() failed.

any idea ?

thanks in advance

kind regards


Hi David,

Do you mean you were using the 3.2 SDK, and you’re now using 3.3?



i am using the sdk 3.3

i rollback and back to working i am looking the CLI to see any change

Hi David,

Are you using sRGB textures? It seems that there was a change to PVRTGetOGLES2TextureFormat() in PVRTTextureAPI to select an appropriate internalformat enum depending on the values of the PVR header’s pixel format and colour space flags. Potentially, there’s an issue in your PVR files where the sRGB flag is set incorrectly.

probably ,anyway ,i have to regenerate the texture and it work now, that is a bit strange isnt it ?