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Bullet physics with powervr sdk


I’m using bullet physics for detecting collisisn . My problem was how to pass the object’matrix to bullet physics?


Your main problem seems that you don’t read documentation it seems to me and you ask obvious question

sorry about my comment but your set of questions look like you dont even spend 5 secondes thinking.


it’s not truth ,I spend 3 weeks to understand collision detection firstly with bounding box but I don’t find solution

then I try Box2D but I didn’t find how to use it with this sdk after that I search another solution and I find that bullet physics is a very famous collision detection , I try to understand a main project ,I understand it well : it draw a rigid body for an object using the object’s position , for the animated object ,bullet physics use btTranform for the mouvemet of its rigid body.

I try to add bullet physics in visual studio and it make an access violation.

I ask many questions in the sdk because I don’t have enough time. I have a project that I must finished this month

I post this question in the RTsoft Forus and this is what he say "It’s hard dude… I suggest getting Unity instead"

for me it’s not an easy thing to assosiate this sdk with bullet , maybe for you it’s easy. But we have not the same mind.

finally I want to say thank you for every answer.Many of them help me to resolve my problems and other, I find solution alone.

sorry for bothering you and all members of team.