collision with a surface

hi all.

I want to develop the 3D action game, like TOMB RAIDER.

I already understand how to display and move my 3d objects. However, I don’t know how to implement the Collision Detection. When my heroine hit against the wall, I don’t want her to break through a wall.

(1)Please give me any hints…

(2)Do you know any sample codes of the Collision Detection?

thank you

Hello Sir

You made the right choice, I love this SDK for that , you can write any game without constraint of a propriatary based framework that promise to do it all for you …

Yeah this SDK is ready for gaming and even more ( i am not related to the team by the way so i am independent in my judgement )

Sure it s not related to the scope of the sdk but there is easy solution and one part of the sdk .

for the question (2) :

In the PARTICULE demo , you will see an approach based on bounding box collision, depending of the precision of your collision and how realist you want it to be. that might do it and it s fast.

It s possible to have a sphere collision system with octree as well , it’ s fast , cpu friendly.

the other solutions are based on physics engine but only the collision system not the part based on rigid body , except if you need it.

Bullet physic is very good , fast and maintain with an active forum.the build is well done and portable.

ODE i love it but without the latest update and the complex building process.

and the very good one , the well know SOLID,

The free version is there :

free solid is simple but old :

by the way you can make her break the WALL…with effect… look at the FractureDemo in bullet :slight_smile:

Kind regards