Can I use glTranslatef?

to move the point/object in OGLES?

How to use that? Thanks.

is there anyone who can answer me? Thanks a lot!

You can update the model vertices before you pass them to the vertex shader - or better yet, update them in the vertex shader when setting the gl_Position variable. 

Thanks, could you explain more specifically? how to write the shader to show glTranslate()? Thanks a lot!

It’s all basic matrix math - maybe you should get a copy of the new OpenGL ES 2.0 book:

Is has some nice example code available at:

Unzip the example code and if you look at the Simple_VertexShader.c code in the Chapter_8 directory, you’ll see that uses its own internal ‘esTranslate()’ method to replicate the old ES 1.1 glTranslatef() functionality.  That should be about all you need.


Plus one recommendation for that book. It is a very nice book.

Even though it uses AMD emulator in the examples (same authors as of the book) and not PowerVRs (that i personally consider to be better documented and with a more rich feature set).