Can PVRTrace record after Game launch in 3 minutes

Hello guys,
I’m game programmer and working on 3D debugger and optimization. Currently, my game have some 3D bug with PowerVR android devices ex i9500, samsung tablet. I am also new with PowerVR SDK. I have just watched the article profile and debugging from Blog, which is useful. However, my game is a long game and I get the graphic bug after several chapters, which is hard to record from beginning. Today I try to record with PVRTrace from beginning and the device is total freeze. Although, after the device restarted, I could get the record file but it is not useful which is only show some of frames, and it is very large with 500 MB …
So do you know how to start tracing the OpenGL API after Game launch ? Every advice is appreciated.

Hi Seal,

If you are using Android and PVRHub, there is an option in the PVRTrace Config Screen to be able to set the start and end frames. This option should allow you to record only the sections you are after.
If you are not using PVRHub, you can change manually the start frame in the json configuration file:
“Tracing”: {
“StartFrame”: 0,
“EndFrame”: 9999,



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Hi Carlos,

Thank you for your instruction. I find the option in PVRHub and change it from frame 1000 -> 3000. However, the game always force close in the loading phase to game on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 P5210. Currently, I try to find one more device with PowerPVR chipset and test it later.