PowerVR SDK 3.1 Is Live

The latest PowerVR Graphics SDK is now available!

Notable new features in PVRTrace include:

  • OpenGL ES 3.0: PVRTrace now fully supports OpenGL ES 3.0

  • Pixel analysis: Pixel Heatmap render mode to understand shader complexity, pixel picker to see which fragment shaders have contributed to a pixel colour and the Pixel Analysis graph to that shows where fragment shader optimization should be focused

  • Trace modification: Disable GL calls and edit shaders to debug your GL calls without having to alter your applications code

  • Save modified file/save range: You can save out modified recordings so they can be played back with the changes. Also, you can split your recording by specifying the range of frames that you want to save

  • PVRTracePlayback: Replay recorded .pvrt files on Windows, Linux and Android platforms

We've also added the following to PVRTune:

  • Series6 support: PVRTune now supports Series6 GPU profiling

  • Streamlined GUI: The PVRTune GUI has been redesigned to make better use of screen space

  • OpenGL ES Render State Override: Alter the render state of any application running on the target device. For example, force 2x2 textures to see if you're bandwidth limited, force flat colours for fragment shaders to analyzing shader use in your scene or force zero-viewport rendering to understand if driver work is a limiting factor

  • Software Profiling counters: 54 new counters that report real-time OpenGL ES call stats. For example the number of draw calls in the current frame, the number of texture modifications per-frame and the total driver CPU cost per-frame

The release also includes a number of other great new features and bug fixes. For full details, visit our What's New page

super good work again !!!


I have upgraded to this SDK and observed that my [textured] point particles stopped working. Somehow only when texture2D is used as below this seems to happen, because if I use particleColor alone the particle quads appear. Note, my texture is needed to apply alpha and blend these together.

gl_FragColor = texture2D(sParticleTex, gl_PointCoord) * particleColor;

Swapping to the old dll’s of libGLESv2.dll (I am using X86_32 ) restores the particles to work again.



Hello, Joe!

Could you provide an offline installer of SDK3.1 for us please? It’s very difficult to install it by the online installer. The downloading speed is very slow, just has almost 10-30kb/s.The connection is also unstable, we must to start it over if the connection was lost. Furthermore, we can’t install it into our development machines since they are in the local area network.

By the way, did you solve the issue of PVRTexLib can only read one face from the cube map which is stored in a DDS file?

Thank you for your great job!


We now have an offline installer. You can use the “Network administrators” link at the bottom of the SDK download page, or access it directly here.

Apologies for the download speed problems. We’re working on a solution and hope to resolve the issue soon.

The DDS bug you’ve mentioned was fixed in this release :slight_smile:



What a fast reply! Thank you very much!

What happened to the PVREngine and PODPlayer tools that were in the SDK 2.10 Extras folder? Will these be added back at some point or are they discontinued projects?


As discussed in this post, PVREngine and PODPlayer were discontinued as we didn’t have resources to maintain them at the time. As there have been a number of requests, we will consider reintroducing them in a future SDK release.



only the material section get really affected in the code so no big deal for the dream team ? :)>-

that will be cool do not continue the navigation 3d app and replace it by the pod player :slight_smile:

am i wrong ?


Do you know when you’ll be updating the PVRPodExporter etc to support Maya 2014?

Hello ,

do you have plan about 3ds max 2014 pod exporter please ?

Kind regards



We will be adding 3DS Max & Maya 2014 POD plugins in our 3.1 SDK update (due in a week or so) :slight_smile:



Fantastic. Thanks for the quick reply.

thanks again ! :slight_smile:

Joe, can you tell me if if Maya 2014 pvrGeoPod plugins are part of the installer yet? I just downloaded the installer and tried installing pvrGeoPod and pvrShamann, but I don’t see the maya pod pluging for 2014. Just wondering if I’m missing something.


P.S. Guess I should add…do I need to uninstall the previous version before installing this version?


Unfortunately, our SDK update was delayed. If you’re keen to get your hands on the plugins ASAP, email devtech@imgtec.com and I’ll share them with you.

You don’t have to uninstall the existing installation. The SDK installer will overwrite files as they are updated. If the installer doesn’t behave in this way, please let us know :slight_smile:



Just to update this chain - SDK 3.1r2 is now live on our website. It contains all of our latest PVRGeoPOD plugins. You can find the release notes here.

Well done Team