Can't download OpenGL ES 1.1 SDK for Windows XP

The URL you provide to download following OpenGL ES 1.1 SDK  for Windows XP doesn’t work.




2. Locate OpenGL ES 1.1 > PC Emulation >


3. Select Windows XP - OpenGL ES 1.1

The browser will fail when attemping to open the following link 1.1 PC Emulator Win XP



Modify the URL to read. 1.1 PC Emulator Win XP

I figured you'd want to know.



Thanks for the heads-up. Our webmaster is looking into it now.

Hi ThirdParty,

We were not able to reproduce the issue. Could you please check if the link is still broken on your system, ideally with different browsers? If the problem persists it would be great if you could tell us your browser configuration.



Hello ThirdParty … I wanted to thank you for the infomation I was looking for. Seems we both had the same question, you just beat me to it. Cheers. Les … flash web site design