Newbie Questions

Hi there,

I'm an enthusiast and an absolute beginner with Opengl ES 2.0 . I've been trying to find an emulator and I understood that PowerVR SDK offers a windows 7 emulator. So far I'm no where. I didn't find any guides about how to use the SDK. Currently for compiler I'm using minGW and I'm using Eclipse as my enviorment. I think I'm going wrong somewhere, can you help please? Smile

Hi MrJew.

We provide an OpenGL:ES emulator that runs on various incarnations of Windows as well as other platforms.
I wouldn’t recommend MinGW or Eclipse if you’re just starting out as we don’t provide any documentation for this set-up.
Instead I would recommend downloading Microsoft Visual Studio Express which is free. This will allow you to open up the solutions and projects provided in our SDK so you can build and run the various examples included.

This should give you an idea how to set up your own projects, as well as allowing you to take a look at both basic and advanced OpenGL:ES techniques.