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Can't find the pvrtrace libs



Hello, i just downloaded the PVRTrace package but i can’t find the libraries into it, there is just the analisys tool, documentation and examples… did i do something wrong or should i download the libs somewhere else? Thanks



You didn’t do anything wrong.  All libs and dlls are indeed missing from the PVRTrace distribution.

Can we get an fixed release of PVRTrace please?


Apologies for this - the problem was due to a packaging error.

The PVRTrace recorder libraries are now available from here:

We will look to expand the available platforms and the capabilities of PVRTrace in a future release.


Thank you for these.  After this, I did find them in the full SDK.

PVRTrace does not handle large traces very well.  A 160MB trace takes a long time to load, and a 350MB trace has apparently been loading for a few hours now (but I think it’s hung and doesn’t want to tell anybody).


Unfortunately, the current version of PVRTrace requires a full understanding of the entire trace as it is loaded. This will be improved in the future, but for the current version this means that larger traces will have a greater impact on the load time.

How long were you running your trace for? How complex (roughly) is your scene (e.g. are there a significant number of meshes, textures and shaders)?Would it be possible to analyse your application sufficiently by running it for fewer frames, or were you attempting to analyse a particular frame?

The ability to start a trace from a particular frame number is in the road map for PVRTrace, but this is not a trivial feature to implement as the trace has to understand the render state of the application up to the frame that you want your trace to begin from (e.g. you could have disabled culling several frames before hand, and starting a trace from a particular frame without this knowledge would give an inaccurate representation of the calls being made to GL)


The trace was about 30-35 seconds.  It is a ES1.1 app, so no shaders.  Many calls to glDrawElements (hence why I’m using trace to find the problem areas).  I can analyze shorter traces successfully.  I thought it pertinent to let you know that the analyzer GUI hangs on larger traces.


We’re always happy to hear any feedback you may have for our utilities :slight_smile:

I’ll pass on the information you have provided to the engineer responsible for PVRTrace so that issues causing this can be isolated and performance can be improved for a future release.

Glad to hear shorter traces have worked well for you :]