Color calibration via an .icc profile on PandaBoard

Hello, I have a PandaBoard on which Ubuntu 12.04 is installed. I am having difficulty loading an .icc profile onto the system to calibrate my monitor. I tried Gnome’s color settings and xcalib software but they don’t have an effect when I load an .icc profile even though they don’t show any errors.

On my laptop with Ubuntu 12.04 I have no problem loading the same .icc profile it immediately takes effect.

I tried installing the restricted PowerVR driver on it but it had no effect. I also tried Fedora 18 distro but the result was the same.

What might be the problem? Does PandaBoard hardware not support .icc profiles? Or is there a driver problem?

Hi Canol,

Unfortunately the colour profiles are managed between X and the Display Controller for any given device, so I’m afraid this isn’t something we’ll be able to answer as it should have nothing to do with the GPU - your best bet is to ask the PandaBoard community/TI about it.



Thank you for your answer.