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PVRTune on Pandaboard




I am running the PVRPerfServer from PowerVR SDK.210 on my pandaboard to collect GPU informations

But the on-screen vertices per frame on the PVRTune is grayed out and not showing results

Here’s a screenshot of PVRTune

It is executing LightMap from the SDK’s training course

Thanks for your assistence



As the GPU hardware is only capable of capturing a finite number of counters simultaneously, groups are required to capture a subset. Counters are grouped by association, e.g. the overview group, USSE stats etc.

Greyed out text indicates that the counter is not part of the active group. You can enable the counter by changing the selected active group.



p.s. I’d recommend moving to the latest version of PVRTune in our 3.1 SDK. The interface has been simplified & we’ve added a bunch of new features :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot Joe!!!

This really helped me out

By the way, if I install the 3.1 SDK on my host computer, is it compatible with my pandaboard with 2.10 SDK?


You would need to run a 3.1 SDK binary of PVRPerfServer on your pandaboard. When PVRTune is downloaded through our installer, it will also download PVRPerfServer for all of our supported OS’s.

Assuming you’re running Linux with hard-float support, you’ll want to use the binary in the following directory of your SDK: PVRTuneDeveloperPVRPerfServerLinux_armv7hf