Config required for TDA4 and QNX


We want to measure the performance of the TI-TDA4 SoC GPU on the QNX platform using the PVRTune tool.

Please let me know which PVR Tune version and PVR Server will be used for the above configuration to measure GPU performance.


Hi kanithibharath,

Thanks for your message, and welcome to the PowerVR Developer Forum!

It depends on the QNX OS version you have. For QNX v7.1 I recommend you download the latest PVRTune version (v14.157 / R24.1) from our Developer Portal under Login - Imagination Developers

For QNX v7.0 you should try the last release which supported that OS version, v14.153.2 (22.1) under the Previous Releases section Previous Releases - Imagination Developers

Both the Windows and Linux 64-bit options have the PVRPerfServer binaries required for your target system, which should be the ones under PVRPerfServer/QNX710_aarch64le (Armv8).

Please note in both cases you will need to make a new account and login to access the corresponding downloads section.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Best regards,