Converting KTX -> PNG

Hello, I am attempting to convert a KTX file back to PNG using the CLI:

PVRTexToolCLI.exe -i SrcFileName.ktx -f r8g8b8a8 -d OutputFileName.png

However, doing so instead gives the png file a blueish hue and transparent sections appear as yellow. What could be the issue here.

Doing it through the GUI works fine as expected, but this won’t work as I need to convert a massive amount of KTX files.


We have reproduced this issue. The fix will not be in our pending 20.1 release but it will be in the next one. If you want we can supply you with a preview. Please, send us a ticket through our developer portal



The best way to convert ktx to png is this website just drag and drop the ktx file and collect the png or click on the image to open a browser and select the ktx file simple! More simple is impossible

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