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Converting pvr format back to png/jpeg/bmp using PVRTexToolCLI command




I would like to convert PVR image to png/jpeg/bmp formats using PVRTexToolCLI.exe.

I don’t want to use the GUI. Is there any way to convert from PVR to png???



i believe that the command tools can only use PVR, KTX or DDS format as output





Sorry I didn’t spot this before - actually you can convert to png by using the -d option.

For instance, you can use the command:

PVRTexToolCLI -i texture.pvr -d image.png

which will decompress texture.pvr and put the top mip map level into image.png.




it’s a new feature ? that is a good one


I think it’s been there since 3.1? Not sure without checking the old release notes.

Also I just checked and you also have to supply a format as well, since it’s primary purpose is compression, not decompression… Just use:

PVRTexToolCLI -i texture.pvr -d image.png -f r8g8b8a8

and it’ll work.