cpu occupy rate is too high

hi, everyone.
when i run a program, my pc cpu occupy rate is almost 90%, what may happen to my program?
thx for your help.

Which program are you running from which SDK and on what platform?

my platform is linux. i think the question is there are too many models.
those models contain animations, they are from the same model, and just viewprojection matrices are different. could i just calculate bones once and use different viewprojection matrices to render the model?

by the way, happy new year.

Hi Steven,

Is this your own application then, rather than one included in the SDK? Have you tried to profile your application to see where the CPU bottlenecks are?

You only need to recalculate your projection matrix when the FOV or resolution of the viewport has changed and only have to update your view matrix when a camera has been changed (e.g. translated). The resultant viewprojection matrix can then be used for all objects in the scene. Do you mean that the model/world matrix for the models are different?

You should try to avoid redundant work by recognising when a matrix transformation has already been performed and use a cached result instead of recalculating the values, e.g. don’t redo animation calculations if they’ve already been done.