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Slow Rendering on PC


I've updated the SDK after quite a while and was pleasantly surprised by the GUI tool window. Very nice!

However, I experience very slow rendering now. With the old SDK my (very simple) test app was running at >2000fps on my PC. With the new SDK it runs at frame rates between 3 and 60fps, depending on which hardware profile I choose (only MBX lite works at 60fps, everything else is much slower).

The CPU usage is very low, so I don't understand why the frame rate is that low.



This is something we’ve seen inconsistently here, but haven’t nailed down the cause. As you’ve possibly gathered, VFrame runs over your native graphics card; what card are you using? Which drivers? Are you running in a window (640x480 forinstance)? Are you using multiple monitors?


My computer is a notebook with a Quadro FX 3700M with the latest official drivers from Dell (mid of this year) on Windows 7.

The application runs in a 640x480 window on a single screen setup.


I have possibly the same issue with certain demos on my work machine. Do you have this problem in other demos - how about the ones in the SDK?

I find if I restart then it goes away for a period. It is quite annoying, but this is the only work-a-round I have at the moment. I’m running an nvidia card atm too and this behaviour has not been shown on other vendors’ cards. I will post further if I work out more.