creating luminance textures using PVRTexToolCL

I’ve been using PVRTexTool for a while to build textures in various formats, but cannot figure out the command line to compress a texture to L8 or L8A8 formats.

-format l8 and l8a8 don’t work (“Error: Invalid values chosen for Encode Format”), and neither does anything else I’ve tried!

Hi G_carmel,

You’re using the correct commands - unfortunately there’s a problem with the parsing code for 1-channel and 2-channel formats in the current version of PVRTexToolCL. You can still use the old interface to generate simple l8a8 textures using “88” or “OGL88” for now, but we will shortly be releasing an update which fixes this issue and a number of others.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused!