PVRTexTool Command Line Mac Tool Issues

I’m trying to use the Mac command line tool to create textures. I am doubling my original pngs because I’m seeing better results. I then use the tool to compress and shrink down to the original size. The image contains no Mip-maps.
The command line I’m using is:
…/PVRTexTool -fPVRTC4 -x512 -y512 -iscenegame_1_BEACH_ACTION_0.png

When I load the images into my application, replacing the ones that were working with the Apple TexTool, all of the textures are white.

If I load the .pvr results from the command line process into the PVRTexTool GUI and save the file again as the same format, PVRTC 4BPP no MIP-map levels the compressed image work successfully in my applications. This isn’t a good option though because I have a large number of images and the run frequently, so it needs to be batched.

Does any know if I’m doing something wrong in my command line arguments? Or if this is a known issue?

Also, ideally I could get a png version of the compressed image to verify results, but when I use the following args:
…/PVRTexTool -fPVRTC4 -x512 -y512 -iscenegame_1_BEACH_ACTION_0.png -dtest -ooutput

I get:
An error occurred in PVRTexTool: Unsupported input file format:

Thanks for any thoughts.


Hi Michelle,

I can’t see anything wrong with your command line other than that I would normally use “OGLPVRTC4” for use under OpenGL ES. If you are using our texture loading code then I don’t think it will accept textures created using the “PVRTC4” option - this may be why you’re seeing white textures. Otherwise I can’t reproduce a problem with an output texture here. Can you verify that your texture loading code is succeeding?

To get the decompression command line to work, append an image format extension to your output file name:

…/PVRTexTool -fPVRTC4 -x512 -y512 -iscenegame_1_BEACH_ACTION_0.png -d -ooutput.png

The error message should really refer to the output format - I’ll look to have that fixed for the next release to be a bit more helpful or possibly choose a default format.

Thanks Gordon.

I can get you my texture loading code, but it works fine with the images saved from the GUI, but doesn’t work with images produced from the command line.

Again, without command line I’m hosed.

Any other insight?


As I say, I can’t reproduce the problem - would you mind sending your files and/or code to devtech@imgtec.com and then I can investigate further?