Demo source code

Is the code for your mountain view demo available for download?

This demo is a marketing demo and is maintained by that team. They do not produce a source code package for this.

Too bad, I’d love to take a look at some of those shaders implementation.

I also want to get a look at the demo soure codes

Although we cannot distribute the source code of our marketing demos to you, there are plenty of example applications included in our SDK that vary from simple training courses that show you how to draw an untextured triangle, to more complex demo applications that combine advanced techniques.

You can download the latest copy of the SDK from here:

The deliverable includes source code for all of our SDK training courses and demos.

but i see on the page that you call it a demo,but when i download it ,i saw it was just a movie.....i'm so i wish i could get the demo source code.....

Your correct that only videos of the demos can be downloaded from here. I’ve spoken to our web site guys and this will be changed soon so this is clearer.

Unfortunately, as Gordon had mentioned, the demos on this page are for marketing purposes and we are unable to distribute source code for them.

As I pointed out in my previous post, training course and demo source code is included in the POWERVR Graphics SDK package. The SDK demos are not the same as the marketing demos, but are equally useful and all the source code is fully commented, making them very easy to follow.Joe2010-07-05 17:28:44

Thanks very much,I have heard that int the next SDK the navigator demo will be included.I'm waiting for it.....

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    thanks very much!

Actually the shaders from the "mountain view demo" can be downloaded from the Sony-Ericsson developer website:
They are in the "mountain view" ZIP file.

I'm already looking forward to give some of those a try.
Slion2010-07-06 15:34:13