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When i download the powerVR SDK i found demo. I would like to know with which tool did you developped these demo

Great thanks!


The demos in the SDK are developed with SDK. They’re written in C++, usually (but not always) using Visual Studio on Windows and in conjunction with our emulation platform PVRVFrame. They are then run on the many POWERVR devices available by creating makefiles and projects and taking advantage of our PVRShell abstraction layer.

If there is artwork for the demos it often (but not always) comes from Autodesk Max files and is exported using the PVRGeoPOD exporter plug-in that we write. We use the POD runtime (provided in source code in the PVRTools) to load and work with these (see the IntroducingPOD training course, for instance).

If we have specific shader effects applied to meshes in the scene we often (but not always) use the PFX format (runtime in the PVRTools) and PVRShaman to design these before integrating them into the demo code.