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Can I just confirm that the LinuxPC SDK for OpenGL ES 1.1 does not support binding PBuffers to textures?

I’ve dumped all the configs I can and EGL_BIND_TO_TEXTURE_RGB is FALSE on all of them.

What’s odd is that if I remove EGL_BIND_TO_TEXTURE_RGB from the attribute list for the config, everything appears to work ok. I.e. eglBindTexImage() does not return an error.


Which library are you linking to? Is it libGLES_CL or libGLES_CM?


I’m using


OGLESPCViewer Version 2, 15/04/05

OpenGL ES desktop PC emulation viewer for MBX IP cores
Copyright Imagination Technologies Ltd 2004-2005.

Reading oglespcviewer.cfg file...
Using profile: PowerVR MBX1 With VGP - GENERIC PROFILE