queston for imagination opengles1.1 extend pack

Does Imagination’ chip  for opengles1.1 suport   opengles1.1 extend API such as glGenFramebufferOES()  glGenRenderbuffferOES()  glBindFramebufferOES() …

Some platforms with POWERVR MBX do support OES_framebuffer_object, but most don’t. Are you targeting a specific platform?



yes ,I am trying to modify  opensource qte to get hardware support , but i needs OES_framebuffer_object, can you give me some advices on platform supporting this object,??

and can I realize it with other opengles1.1 api ?And Thanks a lot

You may be able to use EGL pbuffers for the same purpose, but that depends on what exactly you want to do.



I have used the EGL pbuffers for the same support, but I cann’t get the nativewindow for the framebuffer. When I use the eglCreateWindowSurface(), I find the DummyScreen structure for nativeWindowType of the function. But how can I use the structure, or how can i get the native window for the eglCreateWindowSurface(),.

Can you give me some advices ? thanks a lot

What NativeWindowType is, and how to create a native window, is platform specific so I need to know the platform you are targeting before I can help you. It is also not clear to me how this relates to FBO/pbuffer.

thanks firstly!

My platform is qte+opengles1.1. 

I want to create a EGLsurface (framebuffer) with the function

                       EGLSurface eglCreateWindowSurface(EGLDisplay display, EGLConfig config,

                                                NativeWindowType native_window,  EGLint const * attrib_list).
I want to run the apps in the framebuffer, what can i Specifies for the native_window.


thanks a lot!

What device or range of devices and what OS is it? What type is NativeWindowType defined as, and where is that type defined?

The os is linux on the PC.  and the NativeWindowType is define in the egltypes.h , and the type of NativeWindowType is void *.       it is defined as "typedef void *NativeWindowType".

sorry to trubble you.
tandhi wrote:
The os is linux on the PC.

Does this mean you are using our Linux PC Emulation SDK? If so, the NativeWindowType should be an X11 Window.


If my app's window will be shown in the FrameBuffer,  it also should be an x11 window.

I use the qt-embedded--  + opengles1.1 ,  not qt-x11-  + opengl .

tandhi wrote:
If my app's window will be shown in the FrameBuffer, it also should be an x11 window.

Sorry, I don't understand that sentence. What are you trying to achieve?

tandhi wrote:
I use the qt-embedded--Â + opengles1.1Â , Â not qt-x11-Â + opengl .

If you are using our OpenGL ES PC emulation on Linux, then NativeWindowType is an X11 Window. If you are targeting a non-x86 device or if you use another OpenGL ES implementation then please state exactly what they are.

Thanks a lot.


I used the OpenGL ES PC emulation on Linux of you. is there any question I will trouble you again. Thanks again.

I use your OpenGL ES PC emulation on Linux, and the NativeWindowType is setted a X11 Window. I want to know if I do this, can I get the Hardware Acceleration?


Also if i use your OpenGL ES PC emulation on WinCE, can I get the Hardware Acceleration?

if can !  the native windows is??


thanks a lot !

Our OpenGL ES PC emulation is a layer on top of desktop OpenGL for x86 PC. It is not available for Windows CE. If your Linux PC has OpenGL drivers for your graphics card installed, OpenGL ES emulation will also be accelerated.

In Windows or WinCE the native window type is always HWND.

I have a X51v device, I want to develop the opengles1.1 APPs on it. How can do this.

And your OpenGL ES PC emulation is a layer on top of desktop OpenGL for x86 PC, but I want run the APPS on the X51v, so how can i get the opengles1.1 lib for WINCE (arm).

The Axim X51v supports OpenGL ES 1.0 Common-Lite (with some extensions it comes very close to 1.1 Common-Lite) with hardware acceleration. The necessary link library, libGLES_CL.lib, is part of our SDK for i2700G platforms, the driver DLL is already on the device.

how to build development enviroment on PC? For  you emulator of ES1.0 ?

Sorry, I don’t understand your question. Could you please clarify?