EGLImage on Samsung Wave


I'm trying to get native buffers to GL textures as quickly as possible (to include the camera image in a 3D scene). As the TEXTURE_STREAM_IMG is not generally available to 3rd parties, the next best option seems to be to create an EGLImage out of a native pixmap and then create a GL ES texture sibling out of it.

I'm using the bada 1.0.0 SDK and the eglImageCreateKHR functions is not in the headers. I think this might not be a problem, but even eglGetProcAddress("eglImageCreateKHR") is returning NULL. The relevant extensions all appear in the extension strings. Should this work or am I doing something wrong?

(side issue - EGL_KHR_image_base is listed, as is EGL_KHR_image, but not EGL_KHR_image_pixmap - though the definition of EGL_KHR_image claims that includes the EGL_KHR_image_pixmap functionality).

When I get back to my Windows box I'll try with the PowerVR SDK to see if anything is different there.

In the worst case at least glTex(Sub)Image2D on the PowerVR cores is moderately fast, compared to whatever's in the snapdragons.

Cheers for any assistance,

simontaylor12010-08-26 10:48:56