EGL_KHR_image* support in PowerVR SDK libraries


I’m trying to port Chromium OS on an OMAP3530-based device (say a Beagleboard). For that, I need hardware acceleration, that is provided by the PowerVR binaries. As explained on , I can setup the system, access a console, and successfully run the Raw demos provided in the PowerVR files.

Unfortunately, I’m still facing the issue described in the bug, i.e. a failing call to eglCreateImageKHR returning an EGL_BAD_PARAMETER value. My question is then the one asked by the Chromium team in their comment, i.e. do you know if the PowerVR driver is implementing and exposing EGL_KHR_image or EGL_KHR_image_base and EGL_KHR_image_pixmap ? So far I have tried versions,,, and, with the same result each time.

Thanks in advance for your help.


As described on, I tried a software workaround using glTexImage2D, which works, but is obviously very slow and makes the whole system almost unusable.

I checked the test cases link provided by Prabindh Sundareson, and it seems that eglImageCreateKHR is tested; however, I’m not sure it’s supported with a pixmap from an X window as argument. Has anyone already successfully tested this use case? If yes, does anyone have any hint on what are the probable cases that would make it fail? If no, does anyone know any reasonable workaround?

The call occurs on line 554 of;a=blob;f=gles/ (part of the ChromiumOS window manager package;a=tree )

This is our last real blocking bug to get a working release of ChromiumOS on Beagleboard, but we are stopped by this SGX problem. I think that the whole community will be very interested by this effort.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Alexandre Tisserant - Always Innovating Team