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Exporting from Maya with bone animation



I am trying to export .pod file from Maya with bone animation.  
When i open up .pod file from PVRShaman, I see mesh and texture correctly but do not have any animation.  I tried animate mesh itself and it works but bone animation does not get exported… (Nothing exported in bone batches)
Also i tried out with sample files included in Example files, none of bone animation samples display properly.

I read previous messages regarding toward this problem but I haven’t see how they solve the problem. 

I am currently using Maya 8.0 with latest PVRShaman and PVRGeoPOD.


Hi Sandra,


Thanks for sending us your files. I've been tring to reproduce your problem here and I think I have managed it but only if I export using the 'Export Selection...' option instead of 'Export All...'. Is this the option you're using?


If 'Export Selection...' is used it appears that the skin cluster isn't getting exported. This is a bug and I will have a look at fixing it for our next release.





Scott2009-10-15 17:27:04



     i have a problem in exporting my maya model (with skinned bone animation) to .pod file. my programmer can see only the mesh and texture correctly, but not the animation in pvrshaman. I don’t know why… But animations without bone and skinned are working very well… Somebody tell me, whether i need to select the bone or the body? or any other settings…sadhu2011-11-16 07:01:44


Good post. That's exactly what I want to say.
Tobias2011-11-18 10:38:27


Thanks…if you know the solution means, please don’t forget to post that…