How to export an animated object from Maya/Blender to POD (with plugin)

Hi there,

this is my first question here and I have to excuse myself to ask this for at least a 100st time but I’m quiet desperate.

Since a couple of day I’m trying to create a very simple object with bones and animation in Maya or Blender.

As for a lot of other people here, the export via plugin works fine and in PVRShaman it looks well and the animation is well shown.

When I try to use it in my iOS app (Isgl3d based), it is shown as garbage and only sometimes I get an animation (dont have a clue how and why to be honest!).

So my question is, could somebody send my a simple Maya/Blender project which is animated and tell me exactly the settings I need to use in the plugin dialog (screenshots or somewhat)…

It doesnt seem, that there is a general rule here in this board or a detailed HowTo … if I’m doing wrong, please provide a link.



PS: I can send you my basic project, in case somebody will take a look at it.

PS: I’m unsing the latest PVR SDK 3.1 and Maya 2013.


If the POD file is displaying correctly in PVRShaman then your export options are valid for doing a successful skinned animation export. The problem appears to be whether the options used are compatible with isgl3D, which isn’t something we can supply a how to/example for.

A quick scan of the isgl3D code implies that the bone weights and indices should be exported as float and unsigned byte, respectively. That may be the first thing worth checking.



Thanx a lot Scott,

yes, meanwhile I did some testing with the export and its settings in detail, just to see how the plugin parameter are changing the POD.

I get now my POD with Bones, Anomated Nodes and the meshes. PVRShaman is able to display my POD with animations. Previously, I had a lot of difficulties with the vertex format, but thats resolved.

My major problem at the time beeing is, that the bone nodes are well displayed and they are moving bit the surounding mesh isnt on screen.

Any idea what happend? When I debug, I can see, that there was an material assigned and even if I hardcode the assignement, there is nothing.

I’ve checked it with man.pod and its working fine, so my Isgl3d code used to be OK at least.

Is there a way to have man.pod as its origin - from Maya or Blender? I would like to check how its been made.

That would be very kindfull :wink:

If you’d like, I can upload my own POD, maybe you’ll see more than me…



Hi Jo,

Have you been able to solve this problem yet?