Ext GL_OES_texture_3D not supported in Shaman

I used PVRShaman to complie my PFX file. It said Warning: Extension GL_OES_texture_3D not supported -> error: reserved keyword 'sampler3D'. I used API OpenGLES 2 to complie (Tools -> Preferences)

this is my PFX file:

plz suggest me what can I do in this situation.

anhhna2011-10-26 13:37:26


Unfortunately at present SGX hardware does not support 3D textures and because the compilers bundled with our SDK are targeting SGX hardware, you’ll get the warning that the extension is not supported. Also because of this, sampler3D will not compile (neither will texture3D()).

Furthermore, PVRShaman doesn’t support 3D textures while using the desktop OpenGL API either.