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Finding Different Tex Coordinates and value of vertices and tex coordinates through pData


Hi all,

I want to ask How we can see the value of the pData public variable present in the class CPODData. Basically I have one program in which that guy sends this pMesh->sVertex.pData as a pointer in glVertexAttribPointer call and i read that this pData contains the actual data. so how can i see the values of this pData.

second thing is how can we find the texture coordinates that we get from POD. because after the above call, there is again same call in which, pointer is pMesh->psUVW[0].pData . I want these values or some method because i want to apply the second texture just after where first texture is finished. anyone please help me as i am at rookie level in all this and it would be appreciated if anyone helps me .


Simar Aneja



The sdk provide alot of samples of creation , manipulation of meshes (PerturbedUVs sample etc etc ) .

It s worth to look at the sample and performance recommandation documentation first.

KInd regards