vertex indexed for POD exporter

Dear Team

The goal is to make an exporter for ODE-PHYSICS and Bullet From a Pod so

i am tryiing to get the vertex indexed correctly,

May you tell me how to get it , i am a bit lost .

for now i am able to get

for (unsigned int i = 0; i < m_Scene.nNumMesh; ++i) {

               // Load vertex data into buffer object

              Â SPODMesh& Mesh = m_Scene.pMesh;

              Â unsigned int uiSize = Mesh.nNumVertex * Mesh.sVertex.nStride;

              Â printf(“Size pMesh %i for object id=%i n”, uiSize, i);

              Â float* pfData = (float*) Mesh.pInterleaved;

              Â pqpModel = new PQP_Model;

               int cpt = 0;

               int count=0;

              for (unsigned int j = 1; j < Mesh.nNumVertex; ++j) {

                    float p1[3],p2[3],p3[3];

                    pfData = (float*) (((char*) pfData) + Mesh.sVertex.nStride);

                    float p1x,p1y,p1z,p2x,p2y,p2z,p3x,p3y,p3z;

if (cpt == 0) {

                         p1x = pfData[0];

                         p1y = pfData[1];

                         p1z = pfData[2];

                         printf("%f %f %f n",p1x,p1y,p1z);


… etc etc

of course nothing is indexed…

any idea how to get it right ?

Kind regards

david G


dgu2012-04-25 10:29:31

The response is in the demo shaders… and the extra package mesh classes