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Generate trace.pvrt on Windows not sucess...



I have put UtilitiesPVRTraceRecorderOGLES2WindowsX86 libEGL.dll, libGLESv2.dll, PVRTrace.dll  to DemosSkybox2OGLES2BuildWindowsVC2008Debug

And then I execute OGLES2Skybox2.exe, it generates pvrtrace.cfg and trace.pvrt. But trace.pvrt doesn’t be recoded successfully, The execution file is closed quickly.

The content in the pvrtrace.cfg is:
EglLibraryPath = libEGL.dll
Es1LibraryPath = libGLES_CM.dll
Es2LibraryPath = libGLESv2.dll
Es3LibraryPath =

TraceFile = trace.pvrt
RecordData = 1
StartFrame = 0
EndFrame = 100

Network = 0

I think whether there is a problem on the *.dll files.


Hi Ellison,

The pvrtrace,cfg file [host] paths must point to the PVRVFrame emulation libraries when recording on Windows. If, for example, you created a PVRVFrame folder in your Debug directory, copied the PVRVFrame libEGL, libGLES_CM & libGLESv2 libraries to the PVRVFrame folder and then updated your pvrtrace.cfg file with the following, then the recording should work :slight_smile:

EglLibraryPath = PVRVFramelibEGL.dll
Es1LibraryPath = PVRVFramelibGLES_CM.dll
Es2LibraryPath = PVRVFramelibGLESv2.dll

<br><font size="4">EglLibraryPath = PVRVFramelibEGL.dll<br>Es1LibraryPath = </font><font size="4">PVRVFrame</font><font size="4">libGLES_CM.dll<br>Es2LibraryPath = </font><font size="4">PVRVFrame</font><font size="4">libGLESv2.dll</font><br>


Hi Ellison,

PVRTraceRecord libraries is not an instrumental driver, you need to provide PVRTrace with the location of the driver in the [host] section.

For windows, PVRVFrame, our ES emulator, provide the driver for PVRTrace Record Library so the only small change you have to do is pointing to the location of your current PVRVFrame's folder.


EglLibraryPath = c:PowerVRSDKUtilitiesPVRVFrameOGLES-2.0Windows_x86_32libEGL.dll
Es1LibraryPath = c:PowerVRSDKUtilitiesPVRVFrameOGLES-1.1Windows_x86_32libGLES_CM.dll
Es2LibraryPath = c:PowerVRSDKUtilitiesPVRVFrameOGLES-2.0Windows_x86_32libGLESv2.dll

Please, remove the Es3LibraryPath entry from your pvrtrace.cfg.




Thanks. I solve my issue after modifying the library path in pvrtrace.cfg with PVRVFrame. However, I found another problem,  if I use RecordData = 1 in pvrtrace.cfg, PVRTraceGUI.exe in WindowsXP won't display normally and sometime will occur run-time error, but it is fine in Windows7.

Ellison2012-07-02 10:40:46