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GL_MAX / glBlendEquation()



I currently evaluate SGX for GPGPU apps.

The OGL2.0ES standard does not allows neither GL_MAX nor GL_MIN as parameter for glBlendEquation() function. But it seems that the hardware support it  (OpenVG seems to use these blending modes).

In this case, can we consider (technically speaking) an extension that exposes these features?

Secondly, can alpha blending be used on 16bits/components (HALF_FLOAT) FBOs?


Christophe Soum


Hi Christophe,

For specific extension requests you will have to contact your hardware/platform provider. We do not provide drivers directly to end users.





Maybe my question was not very well formulated. I know that you do not provide directly any ext. What I wanted to know is if the MIN/MAX alpha blending is actually a feature of the SGX chip even if it is not currently expose by the API.


Christophe Soum