GL_OES_EGL_sync with PVRVFrame

Doing more testing KHR_fence_sync in PVRVFrame, I noticed that in GL_EXTENSIONS, the name of the extension is listed as “GL_OES_egl_sync” instead of “GL_OES_EGL_sync”. I believe the extensions are case-sensitive, so the advertised name needs an update. --Thanks.

Hello Dark_Photon,

This will be fixed in the next release for the default profile.

Note that the spec fixed the case as it was originally lower case.

Our drivers took the change on later than the spec change. Additionally OpenGL ES 1 and OpenGL ES 2/3/3.1 behave differently on our platforms. ES 1 returns the incorrect lower case and ES 2 upper case.

Our device profile settings in the VFrame GUI will correctly mimic this behavior. As you will have to handle this ‘in the wild’ I would advise doing a case insensitive check (or check both strings).


Ok, thanks pauls!