glClearBufferfv crash on PowerVR GE8320

glClearBufferfv crash on PowerVR GE8320
does anyone know why?

module version:

Can provide me with the d43aa4d5213661a7778207ecd233646a version of the /vendor/lib64/egl/

Hi liuteng,

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Would you mind share detailed information about your DDK version and OS information?


Thank you for your reply, this is an online player crash
All player devices for this crash match the following:

  • GPU GE8320
  • Android 11,level 30
  • arm64-v8a
  • UUID: d43aa4d5213661a7778207ecd233646a

The device currently experiencing this crash is:

  • RMX3201
  • RMX2180
  • RMX2189

I don’t have relevant device at present, I wonder if you can provide a corresponding version of so for me to decompile

Hi liuteng,

Thank you for the informations.
Is GE8320 only GPU that crash is happening? Are there any more devices?

It would be better if you share the APK file for us to analyse it. Also, kindly share the DDK versions of the GPU’s that crash is happening,

If you would like to share the APK, kindly raise a ticket in our internal support platform from the link below.


yes, GE8320 in only GPU that crash happen
Sorry I don’t know DDK version of crash device.
The only relevant information is the uuid of the module on crashsight
And can’t upload apk large than 200M.

Hi liuteng,

Sorry for the file uploading issue.
Kindly raise a ticket on the platform so we can share our FTP server access details with you to upload the necessary files.


the forum can’t upload file larger than 8M
can you provide me with email address to send apk?

Hi liuteng,

We’ve created an FTP server for you to share the APK with us officially.
Kindly raise a ticket on the support platform so we can share server login credentials with you.