glReadPixel crash

First thx for your attention.

Recently i came up with a question that when use glReadPixel in my code, and run it on a mobile with PowerVR 580 chip, it will crash when calling glReadPixel. I have tried many ways to test and the conclution is: when the left down point of the rect assigned to the rect is at (0,0), the result is OK! But if it’s not (0,0), it will insult crashing here.
Please give me some suggestion and thx very much!Embarrassed


Sorry for the slow response.

Have you been able to resolve your problem yet? Can you share the name of your device and the OS it’s running?

Can you check the driver version for us too? On unix-based OS’s (e.g. Linux & Android), you can query the driver version with the following command:
cat /prov/pvr/version[/CODE]


cat /prov/pvr/version