GPU Utilization

I am not able to find the GPU utilization in the PVRTune software. The only relevant counters are Tiler active and Renderer active. However, I am able to find the GPU utilization with this command “cat /sys/kernel/debug/pvr/status”. Is that accurate? It seems to be me that it is accurate by disabling some graphic application (it goes to 0%). Does anyone have any knowledge on how is the GPU utilization calculated?

Hi toygg,

Thank you for your message and welcome to the PVR Developer Forum!

To further assist you please could you provide me with details about device you are testing on including: Device model, operating system and DDK version.

The DDK version can be found with applications like AIDA64 (shown in the attachment below)

It would also help if we could know the graphics application being used in the test. So if you could possibly attach it to this ticket or point us to where we can find it, that would be greatly appreciated.

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