Help me please!!!!!


 wo use  the E:Imagination TechnologiesPowerVR_SDKOGLES2_WINDOWS_PCEMULATION_2TrainingCourse7_IntroducingPOD  desplay a  terrain  ,but failed .

   I turn  terrain.3ds to terrain.pod with 3dsmax8 ,then get the terrain.cpp file with Filewrap

.the terrain.pvr i also added in the project  .but  when  i run it ,there is a problem  show bellow:  ERROR :The Scene does not contain a  camera.


            Please  help me  .thanks!!!!


bool OGLES2IntroducingPOD::InitApplication()
 m_puiVbo = 0;
 m_puiIndexVbo = 0;
 m_puiMaterialTex = 0;

 // Get and set the read path for content files

 // Load the scene
 if (!m_Scene.ReadFromFile(c_szSceneFile))
  PVRShellSet(prefExitMessage, "ERROR: Couldn't load the .pod filen");
  return false;

 // The cameras are stored in the file. We check it contains at least one.
 if (m_Scene.nNumCamera == 0)
  PVRShellSet(prefExitMessage, "ERROR: The scene does not contain a cameran");
  return false;

 // We also check that the scene contains at least one light
 if (m_Scene.nNumLight == 0)
  PVRShellSet(prefExitMessage, "ERROR: The scene does not contain a lightn");
  return false;

the code that showed up , showed int the m_Scene,there is no camera and light .

why??  how can i  add  the camera and light?  helpme!thank you!

Lights and cameras need to be added in the 3D modelling program (e.g. 3DS Max) that you’re using to export your POD file.

Note: the IntroducingPOD training course is designed as an example of how to display a very specific POD file. As such, it’s unlikely to display another POD file successfully without some alteration to the code. It’s a good place to start for this, but you will probably have to deal with various differences such as different shader attributes and constants or kinds of lights etc. in order to correctly display your scene.

Thanks !  Gordon