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HELP - Texturing



ton of thanks for such an amzing SDK, am entring to the world of shaders, but find bit tough compared to the fixed pipeline, can anyone suggest me how efficiently i can texture different faces of a cube with different textures,, in es 2.0


and one more thing..........

like if we load a scene which holds different objects and is made from 3dsmax and converted in to pod, can we hold the control of each objects in the scene..? like with some mesh id(similr to m3g scene graph) .....for eg. a scene contain a floor and a ball on it...can i take the ball mesh and animate it in the code..?


The most efficient way to texture an object with multiple images is to use a texture atlas, i.e. putting all images into the same texture. At every edge where you want a discontinuity in a vertex attribute (such as texture coordinates) you should duplicate the vertices, so treat the cube as six independent faces.

Yes, meshes in POD scenes can be controlled separately and animated in your code.


hi, thnx for d support, but could you b more specific to it, while exporting the .pod, i cudnt find any option to set the ID for a mesh, so how i can get the control of a specific mesh from a pod file, which contains a number of different mesh nodes...........?